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Web Design for Beginners: A New Book and a Course!

I am launching a new book of Web Design for beginners and advanced. Almost a year after the launch of the The Online Business Guide  book, I publish a new title exclusively for Web Designers.

Review: eCommerce No Bullshit by Cosmin Dărăban

I was glad to find out about the book Ecommerce No Bullshit (written Bull$#!t) earlier this year. As I said in the previous article, in Romania there was a strong lack of specialized books. In a “post-pandemic” world, the lack of digital promotion guidelines is felt by the way small and medium-sized businesses are presented.

We no longer have IT literature

Although Romania is one of the largest producers of IT and programmers, the literature has almost completely disappeared. This was followed by a series of highly polarized mini-tech vlogs.

How I came to write a book

I never started thinking about writing a book or selling it. It was an unexpected result of applying a relatively common marketing concept, namely blogging.
How I came to write a book
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